Sauna & Steam


The benefits of using a sauna are significant. When you take a sauna the heat increases the blood circulation near the skin. This produces a detoxifying effect by helping the body cleanse itself. It will also improve general circulation.

Steam Room

A steam room offers similar benefits to that of a traditional sauna, however the temperature is lower and the humidity higher. Fresh steam ensures you feel cleansed and refreshed. If you suffer with breathing difficulties or asthma, the steam room will be more beneficial.

Customers on medication, expectant mothers or anyone with a history of heart problems must seek medical advice prior to using the health suite. You must be 16 years or older to access the Sauna and Steam Suite.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday            7:30am – 9pm

Weekends                     9am – 3.30pm

All sauna and steam room sessions are mixed. For use of the sauna and steam rooms a wristband will be provided at reception and must be worn whilst using the suites.  Swimming costumes must be worn at all times.


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